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The people who now owns the bubbles bought 6 acres of the point and is fully aware that sometimes they'll have 10 acres and sometimes they'll have nothing. Right now it's in the expansion stage which your picture shows.

They has fixed the very back one into a liveable shelter and spends lots of time down there. They plans on jacking them up to another twelve feet and putting giant piers under them so they will survive the worst of storms. I wished him luck.

Now the family that owns the cluster of six igloo-shaped buildings is asking for environmental permits to move the domes further upland and to build a boat dock jutting into the Gulf.

Dome home renovator John Tosto, of Naples, has run up against state permitting hurdles and county code enforcement orders since his family’s trust bought the private retreat in 2005.

Tosto, though, said he refuses to give up on saving the local boaters’ landmark and sometimes party spot.“It’s just something I wanted from the first time I saw it,” Tosto said. “That was it.”A Midwestern geologist named Robert Lee built the 2,100-square-foot dome home out of concrete and steel in 1981 after building a model of it in his back yard.

Tosto said Lee and his wife, Margaret, lived part-time in the dome home on the tip of the isolated barrier island.

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