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For many, the Naples Municipal Pier, which stretches 1,000 feet out into the Gulf of Mexico, is the ideal place to enjoy the southwest Florida sunset. Visitors gather in droves on the pier at dusk in order to experience the beautiful colors of nature. It is also a great place for a long, relaxing stroll and the benches along the pier accommodate those who want to sit a while and enjoy watching the gentle lapping of the small waves in the Gulf of Mexico.

A concession stand sits at about the halfway point on the pier and caters to fishermen and others who spend time relaxing atop this man-made structure. Pelicans and other birds frequent the pier, looking for scraps left over by the anglers and hoping others will toss them a treat or two.


The Naples Pier does it all.

It's best known as a fishing pier and symbol of Naples but if your lucky you may catch a dolphin show, tail standing and all. It happened for my son and I. It still brings a smile to my face.Click on Naples Pier Beach

Least you forget, you're within easy walking distance of Old Downtown Third Street South and Fifth Avenue South where you will find great dining, shopping and entertainment.

The beach around the pier is lively and is lined with some of Naples' most luxurious homes, many visible from atop the pier. There is nearly always some sort of group activity occurring in the vicinity of the municipal pier as well, including energetic beach volleyball games that draw a crowd of spectators.

Parking is available at a lot located one block east of the pier and on-street parking is available to pier visitors as well, though most of it is metered.

Let me count the ways why I believe our own "Naples Pier" is as good as a pier can be.

  • Beautiful Sunsets nightly
  • Ideal length - not to long to walk (to fish the end of the pier>
  • Ideal length - not to short making it the ideal length for a relaxing stroll
  • Steps away from the heart of Downtown Naples - Third Street South and Fifth Avenue South
  • Great Fishing
  • Many times you will see the Dolphins at play including tail walking, or a squadron of Leopard Rays in full formation glading gently and silently under and through the pier.
  • Convenience of a Bait & Snack Bar on pier, though I wish they would have better operation hours.

    They open at 9 am and close at 5 pm. So If you like to fish early forget the bait and coffee and donuts. In the early evening at sunset again they are not open. Other then that slight inconvenience its OK.

    Living here and visiting or fishing from the many piers throughout Florida, without reservation, Naples Pier is one of the best.

    Naples Pier is a treasured landmark and a wonderful spot for a leisurely stroll, taking in a beautiful sunset and people-watching. You’ll always find a crowd of people fishing off the Pier, though I prefer early am or early evening or late night shark fishing (not allowed).

    There is a snack bar (9 am to 5 pm )and bait house about midway down the Pier and a covered pavilion at the end. The beach here is beautiful with soft white sand, restrooms and outside showers. To get to the Pier, take 12th Avenue South to the Gulf.

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    Questions I'm asked from time to time at the Pier?

    What type of rod/set-up works best? What size hooks, and with or without sinkers? Are shrimp the best to use? Could you recommend any good tackle/bait stores?

    When fishing the Pier. I use light spinning gear. I have a Shimano Stradic 4000 on a 7' Compre. I also bring a less expensive Plueger Maxx on a 7' Scimitar. Anything light will do. I have powerpro on both with 20lb seaguar leaders and 2/0 lazersharp circle hooks. Depending on the current I will use no weight or put a splitshot just above the leader.

    For live bait here are your locations.

    Naples City Dock Information on species and seasons with charter guide listings, area marinas, bait and tackle shop.

    Anglers Answer Anglers Answer is on the East Trail one mile west of Collier Blvd intersection (old Rt 41) going to Marco Island, City Dock on Naples Bay end of 12th Avenue South and Del's 24 hr Store at Bay Shore Drive South of Tamiami Trail.

    Del's 24 hour Store & Bait Shop Del's is also open 24 hours. Comes in handy if you need live bait and have to be on the water early or late.

    fishing and bait stores Naples, Florida

    Sunshine Ace Hardware The best tackle store in Naples is Ace hardware on Tamiami Trail and 2nd Ave North, however they don't sell live bait.

    For bait, snook love live shrimp. Snook hunt under the pier especially under the concession area. Just drop a live shrimp down there and let it swim under the pier. Watch the pylons, snook race to them to break you off on barnacles.

    Jigging is a favorite method of fishing at the pier. You can jig with cut-up shrimp, dead is fine (smell of shrimp is the lure, no pun intended) or jigging lures available at Ace Hardware (Just ask them, they know the one- 1/4 to 3/8 oz weight).

    Jigging is usually done at the shallow end in 2 feet of water to the concession area. With flat water you'll see small schools of snook feeding on bait fish, that's where you want to be.

    You'll notice many fishermen using two types of lures, one is pink the other is lime green, weight 1/4 3/8 oz(most prefer pink).Once again available at Ace Hardware (Just ask ,They know what works on the pier)

    Feel free to ask the fishermen on the pier. These guys are all experienced anglers and captains and are very cool about sharing tips and advice.

    The pier is good for snook, sea trout, pompano, and the spanish mackerel are guaranteed to be there. That doesn't mean catching them, were talking about fishing here.


    The following fishing regulations are established by the City of Naples, and must be observed when fishing the pier:

    * No fishing with more than 1 line or pole at a time.

    * No shark fishing.

    * No beaching a shark in the vicinity of the pier.

    * No traps, nets, scines or other trapping or netting devices.

    * No fishing reels in excess of 4/0 or equal. No reel with a side plate of more than 4 inches in diameter.

    * No float for fishing in excess of 4 inches in diameter.

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